6th Annual K-STEP Awards!

The 6th Annual K-STEP Awards will be Saturday, July 29th at 12:00 pm at the Lawrence College and Career Center in Lawrence, Kansas - During the lunch break on Saturday at TransKansas5.

Awards Program will recognize meritorious effort in advancing transgender understanding, acceptance, and equality in Kansas. Attendance is free for conference attendees.

Awards are presented in three categories -

  • The Paula Keiser "For the Kids" Award: 2017 Award Winner - GLSEN Greater Wichita
  • The Jane Newman Pioneer Award: 2017 Award Winner - Luc Bensimon
  • Thomas Witt Ally Award: 2017 Award Winner: Black Trans Women, Inc
  • Thomas Witt Ally Award: 2017 Award Winner: Alyssa Bryant

More information on the awards and past recipients can be found HERE.


* TransKansas Conference Home Page

* K-STEP Home Page

The Pioneer Award is named for Jane Newman. Jane and her wife Helen are the true pioneers in Kansas when it comes to transgender education, awareness, and equality. Every step we take in the pursuit of the end of discrimination against transgender Kansans is unquestionably more possible because of the efforts of Jane and Helen.

2016 Award Winners

  • Equality Kansas Metro Kansas City
  • Topeka Transgender Alliance

The For the Kids Award is named for Paula Keiser. Paula's passion for creating a better future for transgender youth is evidenced by the ending statement she would make in emails and conversations - "For the Kids". She was involved in many efforts to help make certain that today's youth would find an easier road to travel. Her dedication to this cause has unquestionably accomplished her hopes and dreams in many ways.

2016 Award Winners

  • Beacon Youth Group (Topeka)
  • Lawrence Queer Youth Voice (Lawrence)
  • Get Connected (Wichita)

The Ally Award is named for Thomas Witt, who has been a tireless advocate for transgender awareness and equality, defending and protecting transgender Kansans from attacks by the Kansas government and promoting equaity efforts across the state.

2016 Award Winners

  • Pedro Irigonegaray
  • Black Transmen Inc